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Most carnivals are held within the Illawarra/South Coast area and all members; both junior and seniors are encouraged to compete for the club.

Some Carnivals hold Junior and Seniors on the same day (Sydney Water), while most are split and held on either the Saturday or Sunday of the same weekend. All nippers are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Nippers in the Under 8 to Under 14 age groups are eligible to compete at SLS Carnivals. Sandon Point does not have any selection criteria for these carnivals. (Note: Carnivals are not open to Nippers in the Under 6 and 7 age groups.)

All 2020-2021 Junior proficiency information for competitors must be entered into SurfGuard prior to the first carnival the member wishes to compete in. Any Competitors that do not meet the criteria will not be allowed to compete.


Senior competitors are Under 15 and over. Active Seniors must be Proficient and have completed a minimum of 25 patrol hours in the last calendar year.

2020/2021 Carnivals

Please keep checking back about 2020/2021 carnivals.

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