ALL Membership Renewals are now OPEN

New and Existing Members - can Join or Renew Online

by following the relevant links below. 

2019/2020 Membership Fees

Sandon Point SLSC 2019/2020 Membership Fees 
All nippers must have one adult member who is a parent/guardian helper per family.
Life member$0.00
Club Sponsor (for all family members)$2.00
100% Patrol member-listed below$30.00
Committee/Age Manager$40.00
Junior member (5 to 13 years)$65.00
Cadet member (14 to 15 years)$65.00
Patrol member (15+ years)$65.00
Associate member (inc parent helper)$65.00
Family  (2 parents 2 children, or 1 parent 3 children)$230.00



Life Members listed

Scott Baines, Lorrae Catchpole, Timothy Gripton, Anthony Hagan, Terry Hagan, Peter Haines, Fred Misdom, Anthony Ryan, Geoff Smith an Ron Walker

100% Patrol Members 2018/19 listed

Austin Auckland, Paul Baker, Lucy Bent-Genge, Lorrae Catchpole, Andrew Cracknell, Nikolas Crocker, Sile Crowe, Emer Davis, Kian Davis, Conall Davis, Evan Davis, David Dawson, Frances Del Castillo, Connor Fownes, Martyn Frappell, Terry Hagan, Benjamin Hamill, Shane Hodges, Primrose Hutton, Timothy Kiers, Karl Lavis, Alexander Lockhart, Peter Lockhart, Zachary Lopresti, Daniel Maddocks, Sue Martin, Chris McEvoy, Darren Morris, Samuel Murrie, Jacqueline Nichol, Jerry Ongerth, Kara Osgood, Kai Pearson, Daniel Pearson, Craig Penning, Alexander Poscoliero, Naomi Poscoliero, Andre Powell, Eloise Saddi, Brett Simpson, Geoffrey Smith, Geoffrey Staples, Sean Tuckwood, Robert Upitis, Cameron Ward, Graeme Warren, Oscar Williams, Grace Wynn

Membership Registration Information

Renew Existing Memberships (including Nippers)

All adult and/or patrolling members will need to have a SLSA member portal account to renew their memberships. If you have been a member before you will need your current email address or mobile phone number that is in Surfguard as verification. Please contact the if you need to verify your contact details on file. For Families with nippers, the parent will need to have a SLSA member portal account and can then create a Family Group to add their nippers.

  1. Go to the Surf Lifesaving Members Portal (
  2. If you have not registered for access to the Portal or if you have forgotten your login details, there are links at the bottom of the join page.
  3. Check your details are up to date by selecting from Update Personal Details from the Memberships menu. Particularly personal information and contact details.
  4. Select Family from the Memberships menu to set up a Family Group.
  5. If you have not already set up a Family Group, click the red button to do so. This will require approval by the Registrar before it can be used.
  6. Click the Renew Memberships link to renew the family members, including at least one parent/guardian.
  7. Click  Make Payment to pay online for your family membership fees.
  8. Payments are made via credit card from within the Surf Lifesaving Members Portal. Pay to “Sandon Point SLSC” and please list the name of each member in the “payment details” box on a separate line.
  9. The Registrar will review the renewal and if correct will authorise your membership. Note that this may take over a week during our busy annual registration period.


Payment of Fees

All new and existing memberships are to be paid online by credit card. If this option is not available to you or your family please attend on the registration days to pay by cash or cheque.

You are not a member until you have paid fees owing and you have provided all relevant documents. Nippers require one Parent helper member (Associate) per family before membership is approved.

Payments will be reconciled with memberships and then approved. You will be notified if your membership is not accepted. 



Add New Nipper to an Existing Nipper Family

  1. Go to the Surf Lifesaving Portal (
  2. Fill in the required details for your new nipper.
  3. Follow the instruction above to Renew Nippers Membership.
  4. Send an email to the with an attached scan of an identification document for the new Nipper (e.g. passport or birth certificate).
  5. Once approved by the Registrar, add the new Nipper to your Family Group by selecting Family from the Memberships menu then clicking View/Edit and then use the red button to add a new member.
  6. Make Payment as above.


First Time Nippers Registration

  1. Go to the Surf Lifesaving Portal (
  2. Press “NO JOIN” then Surf Life Saving Club, NSW, Sandon Point
  3. Fill in the required details for:
    a. your new nipper(s) and
    b. at least one Parent/guardian and
    c. set up a Family Group
    (there is a link to do this in the confirmation page after submitting each registration) A Family Groups will require approval by the Registrar before it can be used.
  4. Pay your family membership fee online by clicking the “Click here to pay your membership fee(s) online” link after you have registered all new members. Pay to “Sandon Point SLSC” and please list the name of each member in the “payment details” box on a separate line. 
  5. Send an email to the with attachments:
    a. Scanned copy of an identification document for each Parent/guardian and Nipper that is joining (e.g. passport or driving licence and Birth Certificate for the nipper) b. Scanned copy of completed Member Protection Declaration for each parent/guardian (not for the Nipper)
  6. The Registrar will review the registration details and authorise your membership once all documents and payments have been received. Note that this may take over a week during our busy annual registration period.

Having Difficulty, please come to the Registration Days.

Registration Day for Sandon Point Nippers 2019/2020 will be held on:

Saturday 7 September from 1pm to 4pm at the Sandon Point Surf Club and

Wednesday 11 September from 4 – 6pm at the Sandon Point Surf Club.

This day is primarily for new Nippers families who may have questions or wish to purchase caps, swimwear, hi-vis vests etc. 

At Registration Day you will need to:

  • Fill out a SLS Registration Form for each new Nipper and at least one parent
  • Fill out a Member Protection Declaration for each parent that is joining
  • Bring ID for each new Nipper and each new parent member (e.g. passport or driving licence)
  • Pay with a credit card

You can either download, print and pre-fill the forms or fill them out at the club on Registration Day.

Renewal/Joining Information (Please click for PDF instructions)

Member Protection Declaration: Any member working with children who have not been a financial member in the past 12 months is required to complete a Member Protection Declaration form and supply proof of ID or drivers licence before they can participate as a member on Nipper days. Please email the completed form and photo identification to or provide the form and a photocopy of your licence to a club officer on registration day.

Privacy: If any members do not wish to have the names or photos of either themselves or their children placed on the website or in club documents please contact the Club Secretary Lorrae Catchpole (email All matters will be treated as PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

Senior/Life Saving Registration: All patrolling members MUST be registered by their first patrol of the season. If you are not registered you will not be insured and you, unfortunately, will no longer be able to serve in any capacity as a member of Sandon Point SLSC.