Club Awards

Sandon Point Surf club would like to congratulate and recognise those who make an outstanding commitment and contribution to Surf Life Saving.

Due to the disrupted season, there will be a delayed announcement of members being recognized for outstanding commitment and contribution to Surf Life Saving during the past season. Recipients of the 2019-2020 club awards will be included in next season’s annual report.

Patrol Stats 2019/2020

Total Patrol hours: 2343


First Aid: 16 

Preventions: 231

100% Patrolling members

  • Grace Wynn 
  • Craig Penning 
  • Darren Morris 
  • Timothy Kierse 
  • Samuel Murrie 
  • Kian Davis 
  • Ariel Scozzafava 
  • Jack Duffy 
  • Sophia Ward 
  • Terry Hagan 
  • Holly Penning 
  • Alexander Lockhart 
  • Matthew Salm 
  • Jacqueline Nichol 
  • Amelia Tracey 
  • Jennifer Frappell 
  • Lexy Thorpe 
  • Sue Martin 
  • Geoffrey Staples 
  • Primrose Hutton 
  • Connor Fownes 
  • Alexander Saddi 
  • Karl Lavis
  • Benjamin Hamill 
  • Paul Davis-Raiss
    Ella Moate
    Sean Tuckwood
    Lorrae Catchpole
    Jerry Ongerth
    Ella Williams
    David Dawson
    Niamh Frappell
    Andrew Cracknell
    Martyn Frappell
    Daniel Maddocks
    Graeme Warren
    Lucy Bent-Genge
    Eloise Lockhart
  • Kai Pearson
  • Oscar Williams
    Aidan Frappell
    Thomas McCaffery
    Alexander Poscoliero
    Sophia Williams
    Paul Baker
    Brett Simpson
    Cameron Ward
    Flynn Penning
    Robert Upitis
    Brodie Lay
    Oliver Hamill
    Zachary Lopresti
    Geoffrey Smith
    Ross Jardine
    Henry Ongerth

Awards Achieved 2019/2020

Bronze Medallion

  • Jed Ashton
  • Connor Fownes
  • Jett McEvoy
  • Caitlin Bourke
  • Brooklyn Gater
  • Samuel Murrie
  • Conall Davis
  • Tom Johnston
  • Ariel Scozzafava
  • Emer Davis
  • Robert Keogh
  • Lexy Thorpe
  • Evan Davis
  • Kim Kiely
  • Amelia Tracey
  • Kian Davis
  • Harry Linden
  • Grace Wynn

Surf Rescue Certificate (CPR Endorsed) 

  • Chloe Aivaliotis
  • Samuel Hall
  • Tallulah Rogers
  • Saskia Belanszky
  • Ella Loades
  • Daisy Scott
  • Emma Campbell
  • Jose Mercado Ruiz
  • Paige Sellick
  • Isabel Carroll
  • Blake Pearson
  • Isabelle Van Akker
  • Charlise Davies
  • Mel Powell
  • Sophia Williams
  • Demi Gay
  • Byron Roberts

IRB Crew 

  • Amelia Tracey
  • Andre Powell
  • Alexander Poscoliero (awaiting Branch
  • approval)

Silver Medallion IRB Driver 

  • Craig Penning (awaiting Branch approval)


Club members who attain lifesaving achievement awards (eg, Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate) and 100% Patrol attendance awards are listed in our club’s Annual Report which is handed out to members at the Annual General Meeting.