Club Awards

Sandon Point Surf club would like to congratulate and recognise those who make an outstanding commitment and contribution to Surf Life Saving:

Sandon Point - Awards of Excellence 2017/18

  • Club Person of the Year: KeranGardner
  • Junior Club Person of the Year: Eloise Saddi
  • Cadet of the Year: Zac Lopresti
  • Rookie of the Year: Grace Wynn
  • Age Manager of the Year: Vanessa Marks
  • Quiet Achiever Club Spirit Award: Penny Avaloitis
  • Club Captain's Award: Ben Hamill
  • Patrol Person of the Year: Paul Baker
  • Patrol Performance of the Year: Patrol 3 (Alex Lockhart, Ross Jardine, Eloise Saddi, Brianna Davies, Paris Gater, Kaya Milham, Riley Milham, Geoff Pryke and Sean Tuckwood.

Life Members listed

Scott Baines, Timothy Gripton, Anthony Hagan, Terry Hagan, Peter Haines, Fred Misdom, Anthony Ryan, Geoff Smith and Ron Walker

100% Patrol Members 2017/18 listed

Paul Baker, Lorrae Catchpole, Andrew Cracknell, Nicholas Cracknell, Nikolas Crocker, Sile Crowe, Ashlynn Davies, David Dawson, Frances Del Castillo, Aidan Frappell, Martyn Frappell, Jennifer Frappell, Benjamin Hamill, Shane Hodges, Primrose Hutton, Alan Johnston, Timothy Kierse, Alexander Lockhart, Peter Lockhart, Zachary Lopresti, Daniel Maddocks, Sue Martin, Thomas McCaffery, Darren Morris, Samuel Murrie, Jacqueline Nichol, Jerry Ongerth, Craig Penning, Katie Pidhirny, Naomi Poscoliero, Andre Powell, Eloise Saddi, Alexander Saddi, Basil Simmons, Jack Simmons, Geoffrey Smith, Geoffrey Staples, Sean Tuckwood, Robert Upitis, Graeme Warren, Oscar Warrens.

Club members who attain lifesaving achievement awards (eg, Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate) and 100% Patrol attendance awards are listed in our club’s Annual Report which is handed out to members at the Annual General Meeting.