General Information

Most carnivals are held within the Illawarra/South Coast area and all members; both junior and senior are encouraged to compete for the club. Carnivals are divided into Junior/Senior. Some are held on the same day (Sydney Water), while most are held on either the Saturday or Sunday of the same weekend. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Junior: Children in the Under 8 to Under 14 age groups are eligible to compete at carnivals, most of which are held in the Illawarra or South Coast areas. Sandon Point does not have any selection criteria for these carnivals. (Note: Children in the Under 6 and 7 age groups only attend weekly Club activities.)

Senior: Senior competitors are Under 15 and over. Active Seniors must be Proficient and have completed a minimum of 25 patrol hours in the last calendar year.

Surf Sports Results

Carnival results are published in the club's annual report each year.

Please note that some results may have been missed and we apologise for any omissions.

Any kids wanting to compete or thinking of competing will have to be entered into the Surfguard system as carnival proficient BEFORE Christmas. This is a separate ocean swim requirement over what is completed at normal nippers.

Illawarra Branch are NOT allowing entries on the mornings of carnivals.

Please check lists that will be posted at nippers if you are entered as proficient. If not there will only be limited more opportunity before the end of the year to gain carnival proficiency

2017-18 Junior Carnivals

All nippers from U/8’s through to U/14’s who are interested in any of the following 2017/18 junior carnivals should contact Keran Gardner by email  at


2017 Sydney Water Surf Premiership Series

128th OctoberShellharbour SLSC
24th NovemberTBC
325th NovemberWoonona SLSC
42nd December
Warilla Barrack Point SLSC

Entries closing date 5pm, Monday 23 October 2017

Juniors start at 8:30am and Seniors start at 12:30pm for each round.

The time for the Officials and Team Managers meeting as as follows;

Junior Officials & Water Safety at 8:00am and Team Managers meeting at 8:15am.

Senior Officials at 12:00pm and Team Managers meeting at 12:15pm.

The Team Managers meetings are compulsory

2017-18 season costs
$65 entry fee for the 4 carnivals ( +an extra $20 if late or at the first carnival)
If you miss the close date you can still enter on the morning of the first carnival (or later carnivals if necessary).
Please contact Keran Gardner by email  at as soon as possible as entries are processed on-line

The link to the Sydney Water Series:

Illawarra Branch Championships 2017/2018:

Juniors - Saturday 10th February 2018 - TBA
Seniors - Sunday 11th February 2018 - TBA
This is really a carnival where we should have as many competitors as possible in all age groups. Please contact Keran Gardner by email  at as soon as possible as entries are processed on-line

Illawarra Junior Development Carnival:

Saturday 27th January 2018 - TBA (Sandon Point has held this event for the last two years)

Other Carnivals - TBA

NSW State Championships

All Masters and Senior competitors MUST have completed the minimum patrol hours required in the previous calendar year to compete. Competitors must nominate by the closing date, which will be advertised at the club. Each competitor selected to represent will be responsible for the travel and accommodation costs associated with the team. A uniform will be organised for competitors attending the State carnival.

NSW Junior State Championships: 2nd - 4th March 2018 - Swansea

NSW Open State Championships: 9th - 11th March 2018 - Swansea

This season's carnival will again be held at Swansea. If anyone is considering taking the plunge to a State carnival this would be the one. Competitors will need to check out accommodation or camp sites ASAP as availability becomes difficult around carnival time. Once the State carnival has been opened for entry this information will again be updated.