NEW Nippers Registration OPEN.  Please contact the Club Registrar at

Existing Members to Renew Online through SLSA member Portal. Please Register ASAP


2017/2018 Membership Fees

Member Type2017/2018 Season
Life Member$0.00
Business Sponsor (for all family members)$2.00
100% Patrol member (Listed below)$30.00
Age Manager$40.00
Junior Member (5-13 years)$60.00
Cadet Member (13-15 years)$60.00
Patrolling Member (15+ years)$60.00
Associate (Parent Helper)$60.00

Life Members listed

Scott Baines, Timothy Gripton, Anthony Hagan, Terry Hagan, Peter Haines, Fred Misdom, Anthony Ryan, Geoff Smith

100% Patrol Members 2016/17 listed

Paul Baker, Lorrae Catchpole, Andrew Cracknell, Nicholas Cracknell, Sile Crowe, Brianna Davies, Ashlynn Davies, Paul Davis-Raiss, Luke Essenstam, Angus Ewart, Martyn Frappell, Liam Frappell, Niamh Frappell, Aidan Frappell, Nigel Hall, Benjamin Hamill, Shane Hodges, Primrose Hutton, Ross Jardine, Timothy Kierse, Peter Lockhart, Alexander Lockhart, Zachary Lopresti, Daniel Maddocks, Sue Martin, Chris McEvoy, Darren Morris, Jerry Ongerth, Henry Ongerth, Craig Penning, Naomi Poscoliero, Alexander Poscoliero, Geoffrey Pryke, Eloise Saddi, Alexander Saddi, Brett Simpson, Geoffrey Smith, Geoffrey Staples, Dakota Tawse, Haydn Tawse, Wayne Towell, Sean Tuckwood, Robert Upitis

Membership Registration Information

Read below BEFORE clicking on link to Join/renew online -

All adult and/or patrolling members will need to have a portal account (even if you registered with lifesaving online last year as life saving online has now been merged into the portal). If you have been a member before you will need your current email address or mobile phone number that is in surfguard as verification.

Family Groups (Nippers Parents)

1. One parent (Primary member) needs to create a portal account

2. Once logged in go to Lifesaving Online then My Family tab then click create family group and proceed to enter and select other family members (must be under 18 years of age and not on patrol). Additional parents, patrolling members, associates will need to have their own portal account. Once My Family is finalised submit request for approval by the club registrar (approval may take 24hours). If you can not find one of your family members email their first, last name and DOB to as either the member has been archived or the details in surfguard need to be corrected.

New members (never been a member of a surf club) will need to register at  Then you can make one payment for the whole family including the new member by their adding name and amount on the next line. Once payment is received all registrations will be approved. You can then log in to your portal and add them to your Family group.

3. Once your family group is approved by the club registrar you will get an email (allow a day or so). Log back in and renew memberships for that family gorup under the Lifesaving Online then My Family tab.

Still Having trouble ?

How to Join or rejoin a Club

Family Groups for Members


Email to or attend Registration day and we will help you. You will need to provide the members name, mobile number and email address.

Payment of Fees

Once renewed your membership you can pay online by credit card and make one payment listing each family member on a separate line with the member name and type of membership and the amount (fee table below). You can also pay by cash or cheque on registration day.

You are not a member until you have paid fees owing and you have provided all relevant documents. Nippers require one Parent helper member (Associate) per family before membership is approved.

Payments will be reconciled with memberships and then approved. You will be notified if your membership is not accepted.

Junior Registration: One Parent helper per family MUST be a registered member and will be asked to help out. New nippers will need a Birth Certificate as proof of age. Email or provide a photocopy to a club officer on registration day.

Member Protection Declaration: Any member working with children who has not been a financial member in the past 12 months is required to fill in a Member Protection Declaration form. You must also supply proof of ID or drivers licence. Before you can participate as a member you need to provide a signed Member Protection form and provide photo of drivers licence, email to or provide the form and a photocopy of your licence to a club officer on registration day.

Privacy: If any members do not wish to have the names or photos of either themselves or their children placed on the website or in club documents please contact Vice President Lorrae Catchpole (email All matters will be treated as PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

Senior/Life Saving Registration: All patrolling members MUST be registered by their first patrol of the season. If you are not registered you will not being insured and you unfortunately will no longer be able to serve in any capacity as a member of Sandon Point SLSC.